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1979 Kenner Rocket Firing Boba Fett 3 ¾” Prototype Hand Painted action figure featuring the L-slot latching configuration - AFA 70 serial # #11193391

This stunning and unique Rocket Fett entered the hobby about two decades ago and was for a time part of the Justin Kern’s collection – an assemblage of nine different Rocket Fetts known to the Star Wars community as the “Nine Holy Grails in a Row;” later in an homage image “Rocket Fett Phases” in 2013. It also features notably in John Kellerman’s hobby resource “Star Wars Vintage Action Figures” and can be found online on the Star Wars Collectors Archive “SWCA.”

The figure itself appears to be a typical blue-grey First Shot featuring the L-slot latching configuration and as such lacks all copyright and country of origin stamps to the back of the legs. It is paired with a red 4-sided missile which displays the expected ejector-pin marks along with other traits associated with genuine examples.

Provenance extends back to Dave M. Allgeier who worked at Kenner during the late 1970‘s and early 1980’s. It is believed he hand painted 5-6 similar L-slots, of which four examples have been recovered: two featuring the standard production paint scheme; two featuring an alternate paint scheme. Unlike the production paint scheme examples, both alternate examples were uniquely painted. As a result, the example offered here is absolutely one-of-a-kind!

It features far more embellishments then found on the production paint scheme examples, which is most notable on the orange and white accents applied to the rocket launcher on back. More subtle details are the straps painted on the back of the knees and more detailed highlights on the side of the helmet and shoulder guards in white.

It is possible this figure is a holdover from an internal attempt to convince Kenner to add more detail to their figures. At least one 12” Boba Fett was extensively hand painting to sell this concept, which was ultimately rejected. When you consider that Kenner usually only applied 2-3 colors to a typical 3 ¾” figure, the Boba Fett character was already straining things with five separate colors employed. Had the rocket launcher not been prudently removed for safety concerns, the Rocket Fett would surely been the Cadillac of all Star Wars figures!

Figure comes expertly encased by AFA with a letter from Tom Derby’s Collectible Investment Brokerage “CIB.” The original notarized LOA from Chris Fawcett who first discovered the figure in the care of Dave M. Allgeier’s nephew Alex is also included.



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