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1977 Kenner Star Wars Early Bird Bin Display:


Not only was Star Wars a success at the box office, but overwhelmingly so.  Kenner through foresight, got the license to produce the toys, however the company was still woefully unprepared for this success and the coming demand for their new mini 3 ¾” action figures not yet ready to be delivered until after the crucial 1977 Christmas season.   If not for this historical display things could have been a disaster for Kenner, as the Early Bird Certificate packages they contained help bridge the gap between the lack of product and awaiting customers. This was done in the form of a craft I.O.U. where the original four figures depicted on the header would be shipped to the consumer after the New Year by redemption of the enclosed certificate. Needless to say, these early merchandising displays are profoundly rare.


It’s hard to tell exactly how few of these displays exist, but in the near three decades of collecting and selling rare vintage Star Wars memorabilia, this is only the second time Rachfal Enterprises has had the privilege to offer one for sale. Numbers seem to range between 5-10 examples, but not all displays counted are intact with the header. This example has been encased by the professionals at CAS to preserve its condition and guarantee authenticity. The encapsulation also means that this display was inspected and found free of the dreaded “touch-up” or other restoration.  



 Grade: CAS 80 NM


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