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1983 Kenner Star Wars ROTJ Red Cape Bib Fortuna AFA 85 NM+



Call it preproduction; call it a prototype; it would be hard to have an in-depth discussion about rare vintage Star Wars action figures without the infamous “Red Cape” Bib Fortuna getting a clear mention. Far, far rarer than most Rocket Fetts, most collectors have never had the opportunity to hold, less own an authentic specimen. Teased only from a couple cardbacks and period promotional material, this legendary figure never saw production and today no genuine examples are known to exist on card, even as samples. There seems to be some competing theories as to exactly how many of these Red Cape Bib Fortunas have been discovered, which is hardly surprising as figures changing hands over the years can sometimes erroneously skew a census, but at the time of this offering only an additional three examples and one hardcopy can be accounted for and held tightly in collector’s hands. The distinctive rich red of the cloak; the unique stitching and almost metallic looking orange-red lining is a distinct contrast to the Lili Ledy “Burgundy” Cape figures that did see some limited release in Mexico and is the likely culprit – beyond outright fakes,  for many people thinking more of these extraordinarily rare figures exist than actually do. The origin of course is from Taiwan, the only genuine country of origin known for this figure. Attractively encased by AFA for display and preservation, the figure comes with accompanying LOA from Tom Derby at CIB to confirm authenticity. An additional LOA from Rachfal Enterprises will also be provided. Grade is a striking 85 NM+.




AFA ID: 10317686

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