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1985 Kenner Star Wars POTF Original Tatooine Skiff "Alternate" Artwork:


Presented here is an absolutely spectacular one-of-a-kind rendering on board measuring a full near 29” X 20 ¼”, with a matted image area of near 22 ½" X 13 5/8”. This illustration conveys an intense, dynamic, “alternate” scene considered by many in the hobby to be far superior to the one actually chosen by Kenner to feature on the POTF Tatooine Skiff box. - It’s also interesting to note: that this illustration is based around the actual concept for the Kenner toy, where the picture used for the box is not. Though small portions of this illustration remains unfinished – evidenced by the incomplete Sail Barge silhouetted in beige; along with Luke’s lightsaber and Chewbacca’s blaster, it still presents powerfully, and is perhaps one of the most exciting 2D artifacts to have been saved from Kenner, as the overall attention to detail is just mind-blowing. So perhaps it is just, that a cropped image of this remarkable work finally got released along with several other historical Kenner pieces as part of the second Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series in 1994 – the image is found on the front of card #197. This painting comes with the original brown paper coversheet to protect the artwork along with the original LOA from former Kenner Marketing and Research Director Tom Neiheisel; who had the good foresight to save this along with many other original Kenner artifacts that would have otherwise been lost to time. All characteristic described by Mr. Neiheisel in his LOA have been matched to the presented piece including all watermarks and the plastic overlay that still rests between the illustration and the matt.   

Note: Though no one would ever recommend altering this work, it is possible that for display purposes only, the unfinished elements could be completed on a separate plastic overlay so that when placed over the existing overlay, the work would then present as complete.


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